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1948 Delahaye Type 1351948 DELAHAYE TYPE 135
Delahaye, founded in 1894, was one of the automobiles that were the foremost representatives of the golden age of automotive coachwork by French artisans. They were the cars of the rich and famous, and those who wanted the best. Delahaye had the luxury, the speed and endurance.

1948 Delahaye Type 135 Henri Chapron, Figoni & Falaschi, Letourneur et Marchand and Saoutchik were all celebrated coach makers of France who created and built magnificent bodies for Delahaye. They set the standard of luxurious, sporty coachwork. And the Delahaye was powerful. In the hands of a good driver, a Delahaye 135 could whisk him from Paris to the casino of Monaco at over 90 miles an hour top speed.

1948 Delahaye Type 135The car presented here is a convertible by Paris coachbuilder, Henri Chapron, who created many of the most elegant custom bodies ever to come out of France. Fine examples of Chapron coachwork now typically win prestigious awards at Concours d' Elegance from Pebble Beach to Amelia Island. The coachwork is quite attractive if not as exotic as those from Figoni & Falaschi.

Clive and Dirk with the 1948 DelahayeThe car was restored from the frame up by a famed restoration shop in New York. It is very lovely and quite desirable, a perfect example of enduring design. In 2010, the Delahaye 135 received a jazzy makeover, with a magnificent new color combination of paint, carpet and upholstery. The interior of the car is pure luxury, a feast of understated Deco flourishes. On the exterior, notice the 184 louvers on the bonnet (hood) over the finely detailed triple carburetor engine. The name on the rear deck of this Type 135 declares the real glory of the marque, "Delahaye Competition".

This car is featured in the book Crescent Dawn.

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