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1955 Studerbaker President SpeedsterIn 1955 Studebaker introduced a new top-of-the-line model, the President Speedster. This was a one-year-only special edition model and only 2,215 were made.

Packard equipped it so that most Studebaker options were standard for this model. The factory ad for the new Speedster proclaimed it as “lightning on wheels, styled for action, powered for thrills”.

1955 Studerbaker President SpeedsterThe new “Passmaster” V-8 engine had a four-barrel carburetor, dual exhaust and 45 more horsepower than the earlier model Studebaker V-8. The interior is enhanced with diamond quilted leather, and included a seat belt option.

1955 Studerbaker President SpeedsterThe President had simulated wire wheel covers, a bumper with integrated fog lamps and either two- or three-tone color schemes, the most famous of which was Hialeah Green and Sun Valley Yellow. 1955 Studerbaker President SpeedsterThis unique President Speedster is in original condition, and is on display at The Cussler Museum. A truly interesting car you don’t see very often.



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Cussler Museum • 14959 W. 69th Avenue • Arvada, CO 80007