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1948 Packard Custom 8

1948 Packard Custom 8One of Packard’s finest production cars, the 1948 Custom was the most expensive commercial car of its day. A most solidly built convertible, the cost came to a rousing $5,500 standard-equipped.

The ultra-strong chassis stretched 127 inches at its wheelbase. The body was stunning. There was a big hood ornament sculpted in the shape of a cormorant with wings spread.

1948 Packard Custom 8The huge grille and bumper were formed with fifty-six chrome squares throughout. No expense was spared when it came to the chrome, down to the massive rear bumper and the double trim molding along the sides. Expansive pearwood spread across the dash and door areas, while quality high-grain leather covered the seats.

1948 Packard Custom 8The big 356-cubic-inch, straight-eight engine produced 160 horsepower, which could send the heavy car cruising down the road at 90 miles an hour.

1948 Packard Custom 8This beauty was purchased by Clive Cussler in 1989. With only 42,000 miles on the speedometer, the Pastime Restoration Company fully restored the car and painted it in the original factory blue.

1948 Packard Custom 8This Packard is a favorite at the Cussler Museum and is proudly displayed, among several other Packards.


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